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Rational Asset Manager released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Rational Asset Manager (RAM) fix pack. It is now available for download on!

Continuing with the quarterly release cadence, the primary focus of this release, apart from addressing customer submitted defects, is to address customer requested usability improvements to benefit power users. In addition, we continue with our theme for modern browser support by replacing applet-based technology.

Based on customer feedback, we will now enable power users to have more control over how they want their public assets to be viewed by anonymous users.

To deal with the repetitive process of applying Java Certificates on each client machine after every Java Update, power users can now import a certificate into a Keystore at a custom location. This Keystore is used by the Visual Browse Applet to connect securely to the RAM Server.

The existing Download Manager (based on a Java Applet) in RAM has been replaced with browser-based Download Manager. With this capability, users will have the same level of functionality as with the erstwhile Download Manager. The replacement of applet technology allows RAM to move a step closer towards its goal of supporting modern browsers.

The primary focus area for the Rational Asset Manager development team in 2017 has been Client Care, which involves resolving customer issues and addressing key customer Request for Enhancements (RFEs).

As the Rational Asset Manager development team plans for future releases of Rational Asset Manager, customers are encouraged to participate by raising RFEs on IBM developerWorks forum. Issues can be raised as Problem Management Record (PMR) on IBM Support channel

If you wish to engage with us to discuss strategic direction and needs, contact We would be happy to connect with you to understand your business case and requirements.

Looking forward to your continued support and feedback!

Rahul Choudhary
Technical Lead, Rational Asset Manager