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What’s new in Rhasopdy Design Manager 6.0.3 and Rhapsody 8.2

IBM Rational Rhapsody Design Manager 6.0.3 and IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.2 are here! As usual, there are many exciting things that have taken place in the area of modeling, or as many call it today, architecture and design management. For a complete list, see the New & Noteworthy for Rhapsody Design Manager and what’s new […]

What’s new in Rhapsody Design Manager 6.0.2

Rhapsody Design Manager 6.0.2 is here! Enhancements in version 6.0.2 include the following (for a complete list, see New & Noteworthy): Rhapsody DM client is included as part of Rhapsody installation Now there will be an option to install the Rhapsody Design Manager client as part of the Rhapsody installation. When you do this, there will […]

Design Management 3.0 is now available

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I’m pleased to announce that the first release of Design Management has arrived! Design Management 3.0 makes collaboration capabilities for users of Rational Software Architect (RSA) and Rational Rhapsody a reality. Our initial release allows you and your teams to search, browse, comment, discuss, and review your architecture and designs from both the existing rich […]

New project at Design Management!

I’m thrilled to announce the addition of the Design Management project here on We’re excited to join the community, and we look forward to engaging with you and getting your early feedback! What is design management? For the last several years, we’ve talked with customers about the notion of “collaborative architecture management” and how […]

Welcome to the new!

If you visit often, you probably notice that we look quite different today. This all-new look, however, is just part of the story behind what’s new. More projects on We heard you loud and clear: Rational Requirements Composer and Rational Quality Manager are now fully onboard at, joining Rational Team Concert and […]

User Interface Q4U: What does your dream home look like?

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When I was young, I used to wile away time dreaming of what my future ideal home would look like and where it would be. It tended to include things like curved floating staircases, open concept rooms, lots of art, and was usually located in some exotic or ultra-cool location on the planet nowhere near […]

Your voice at “VoiCE” on Jazz Foundation Web UI

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This week at the Rational VoiCE of the Client event, a colleague of mine and I will be hosting design feedback sessions on the next rev of the Rational Jazz Foundation Web UI.  If you are planning to be at the event and want to talk Jazz, please stop by the Wakefield Room and sign […]

Motivations behind the design of Jazz Team Build

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Rational Team Concert ships with a component we call Jazz Team Build. Jazz Team Build provides several build-related features for the day-to-day user and the release engineer. In addition, Jazz Team Build was designed to be used with your existing build infrastructure such as Rational Build Forge, CruiseControl, and the like. In this post, I’d […]

Refining the Jazz user interface

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Something I’ve learned in working as a user interface (UI) designer on an agile development team, as with the Jazz Project, is that you don’t so much prescribe design as you iterate on it. Ideally you first consider what the viable design options are, and having chosen the best known path, you start with a […]