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Using Visual Studio’s built-in diff/merge tool with Rational Team Concert

The IBM Rational Team Concert client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE comes with a default file compare utility, but also allows you to use any external compare tool of your choice.  The compare utility that you use will come up in a separate window that you’d need to switch to in order to perform the […]

Jazz tiny tip #3: Adding Work Item Query to Team Central

Displaying query results in Team Central can be a great way to monitor work item changes as they occur. Since the query is automatically run on a defined interval, the view quickly reflects changes that are important to you. I find that it is less “in your face” than having a popup alert, and easier […]

Jazz tiny tip #1: Filing a defect

Jazz provides a lot of goodness for software developers. Source control. Work items. Builds. Much more. With the announcement of Rational Team Concert Beta 2, there are several resources on to help you get started. Along those lines, I’ve got several tips in mind that I’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. These are […]