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Confessions of a new Jazz developer, Part 2: Getting things done

In the first half of this 2-part series I discussed my tips, tricks, and experiences in using Rational Team Concert to get up to speed with the world around me. In this article I’ll discuss the features and time savers I use when I’m developing in this environment. Some of the tips are specific to […]

Confessions of a new Jazz developer, Part 1: Getting a clue

Being a recent graduate and a new member of the Jazz Foundation and RTC Reporting Team, I have had to learn Jazz from the ground up. In doing so I accumulated several tips and tricks along the way. I have divided these tips into two posts. This first part deals with finding the information that […]

Jazz tiny tip #3: Adding Work Item Query to Team Central

Displaying query results in Team Central can be a great way to monitor work item changes as they occur. Since the query is automatically run on a defined interval, the view quickly reflects changes that are important to you. I find that it is less “in your face” than having a popup alert, and easier […]