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Your voice at “VoiCE” on Jazz Foundation Web UI

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This week at the Rational VoiCE of the Client event, a colleague of mine and I will be hosting design feedback sessions on the next rev of the Rational Jazz Foundation Web UI.  If you are planning to be at the event and want to talk Jazz, please stop by the Wakefield Room and sign up!

In this session, you will have an opportunity to look at early designs of the future Jazz Web UI as a framework that will support multiple integrated Rational Jazz products with web-based user interfaces, including Rational Requirement Composer, Rational Team Concert, and Rational Quality Manager. We are interested in getting your feedback on the proposed navigation to integrated product function and federated data pages, and on the different concepts of Product, Project, Team, Tool, and User “Home”.

I hope you can join us! I look forward to getting your input face-to-face.

Kimberley Peter
Jazz UI Design Team