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Social Connector for Rational Team Concert: Community Preview

Download the Community Preview Access a Lotus Connections Server (or use My developerWorks if you donot have one) Provide feedback in the forums I am thrilled to announce the community preview of Social Connector for Rational Team Concert. Developed by Mainsoft in collaboration with IBM Rational, the Social Connector brings enterprise social networks to your […]

A preview of Lotus Connections integration with Rational Team Concert

You might remember that in August I asked Dekel Cohen of Mainsoft to write a blog posting about their document collaboration product.  My motivation to ask him came from our technical conversations. While our conversation is still going strong the topics we talk about have changed. He and his team are busy working on a […]

Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz v1.1

Rational has strong relationships with its business partners. Rational’s relationship with Mainsoft is no exception. Over the course of the last year I had numerous technical exchanges with Mainsoft developers, particularly Dekel Cohen.  Thus it was natural for me to ask him whether he would like to write a blog posting introducing the new version […]

Extending Team Concert collaboration to include SharePoint documents

This post was contributed by Philippe Cohen, Vice President of Products at Mainsoft, and edited by Adrian Cho, Development Manager for Rational Team Concert. Is your team using Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate on project documents, such as design, architecture diagrams, process, and methodology? The Document artifact If you answered “yes,” then try out the Team Concert Document […]