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What’s new in Rhapsody Design Manager 6.0.2


Rhapsody Design Manager 6.0.2 is here! Enhancements in version 6.0.2 include the following (for a complete list, see New & Noteworthy):

  • Rhapsody DM client is included as part of Rhapsody installation
    Now there will be an option to install the Rhapsody Design Manager client as part of the Rhapsody installation. When you do this, there will also be a validation of the Rhapsody Design Manager client’s compatibility with the Design Manager server and an opportunity to update the Rhapsody Design Manager client from the Design Manager server. With this, we are secure that you can focus time and efforts on being productive in/with the tool rather then spending it on installation processes – the collaborative design management approach is too important for wasting time.
  • Configurations write access control
    With configuration write access control, it is possible to write (modify) permissions for configuration management operations. You can now also restrict operations on streams/baselines and assign team areas for configurations.
  • Handling erroneous situations for DOORS Next Generation/DOORS integration
    Integration to requirements, and specifically DNG and DOORS, is very important for many of our customers. Now you will receive more informative messages, be able to better identify wrongly configured associations, and do permission checks on connection. The requirements traceability aspects are key for many of you.  In order to manage growing complexity, architecture and design are becoming a centerpiece in many solutions so improvements in this area can be vital.
  • Links Validity status in Rhapsody client
    Completing validity in Rhapsody client and set link states: Valid, Invalid, Suspect.

Rhapsody Design Manager is associated with the IoT Continuous Engineering  solution but is also a core functionality in our Rhapsody Product.  New users can try Rhapsody Design Manager on the cloud by going to the product sandbox.  To download and install the Rhapsody Product, go to product download.

To understand more about Rhapsody Design Manager and Rhapsody, I would  also recommend these videos:

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