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Top 5 reasons to upgrade to RTC 4.0.3

At Innovate 2013 this year I had a chance to talk to lots of customers who are running their business on IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC).  I also had a chance to survey a number of larger customers on their current usage of RTC and got some great insight into what capabilities they are using […]

CLM 2012 Part 5 – Navigating a More Unified CLM Web

Every release we have the opportunity, and responsibility, to make progress on unifying the Web user interface across integrated Jazz applications. Unifying the UI — or more completely, the user experience — continues to be an important area of focus for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management team because we understand that when you use integrated Jazz […]

Running slow? Get a health check

Have you ever noticed sluggishness with a CLM web page and wondered whether you are hitting some product issues, or just having a bumpy connection with the server?  Or while you were waiting for your content to show up in the browser, have you ever wondered “are they there yet”? There is a little tool […]

Countdown to CLM 2011: Part 6 – Navigation features

As we near June 14th and the 3.0.1 release of the products that comprise our Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, I have the pleasure of announcing some of the advances we’ve made with the Jazz navigation system that supports the integration of Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer and helps you […]

Loading… Patterns updated in Web UI Pattern & Style Guide

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As we near the end of the release cycle for Jazz Foundation 1.0 and Rational Team Concert 2.0, and close on the heels of these will be Rational Quality Manager 2.0, one of the areas that gets more attention is guideline and pattern documentation. As a design team, we have much to catch up on […]

Video: What is new in RTC 2.0 Web UI

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Enthused by seeing the redesign coming to fruition (also probably due to an excessively caffeinated state), I took it upon myself to create a short video. The goal was to make a cross-section of all that is new and shiny in the upcoming Rational Team Concert 2.0 Web User Interface. I am proud to […]

New family ties for Rational Web products

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You might have noticed a new look to the Rational Team Concert Web UI login screen and banner in recent weeks. These changes are a step toward an updated look for a number of user interface elements that will help to unify the presentation of our Jazz-based Rational web products. As we take steps toward […]