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Loading… Patterns updated in Web UI Pattern & Style Guide

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As we near the end of the release cycle for Jazz Foundation 1.0 and Rational Team Concert 2.0, and close on the heels of these will be Rational Quality Manager 2.0, one of the areas that gets more attention is guideline and pattern documentation. As a design team, we have much to catch up on as there have been a number of modifications to existing UI as well as a number of new UI pieces, both of which mean new and refined UI patterns to share more broadly.

The recent updates include a revised Progressive Loading sub-topic that identifies and describes the patterns for an application’s Initialization Sequence as well as for Contextual Loading. You can check these out under Messages and Feedback in the User Interface Pattern & Style Guide for Jazz Web Clients.

Here’s a sneak peek …

Initialization Sequence
The recommended priority for the initialization sequence is to first give users an immediate cue that something is happening, then to orient users as to their general location, and then to present the full page details.

Loading the dashboard page content

The example shows the Dashboards application content filling in until the page is complete

Contextual Loading
Contextual loading indicators are shown within a localized area of the application page as a cue that something in that area is loading or busy processing. With the variety of contexts from the page down to the single element within a widget, different cues should be employed that suit the context and avoid introducing excessive noise.

Loading Planned Items within an Iteration Plan

The example shows loading indication at the top of the page as the Planned Items tab content fills in within an Iteration Plan

Read the complete entries under Messages and Feedback.

Your comments on these patterns and any other content you see in the Web UI Pattern & Style Guide are welcome.

Kimberley Peter
Jazz UI Design Team