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Continuous Deployment on Jazz Staging

In this fourth Blog, Christophe explains how the Jazz team is now managing complete automated continuous build, test and deployment of IBM CLM on their staging system using IBM UrbanCode Deploy and how they integrated the deployment from an ANT script.

A DevOps Transformation for CLM Maintenance – Part 2: Customer Perspectives

What is the advantage of adopting CLM 4.0.7 over 4.0.6? What does the new CLM maintenance approach mean to customers? What are the future considerations system administrators and process owners should have and what are the recommendations?

These are the type of questions we heard from customers since the Announcing of CLM 4.0.7 and my first blog on the DevOps transformation for CLM maintenance. If these are some of your questions, hope you can find the info. in this blog useful.

A DevOps Transformation for CLM Maintenance – Part 1

With the release of CLM 5.0, CLM has started a brand new approach to deliver maintenance to customers via regular, light weight, and cumulative iFix. CLM 5.0 iFix addresses a couple major pain points with maintenance for CLM customers: high cost of adoption of full maintenance releases, manual and error prone installation of test fixes, hard […]

Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy to improve automated testing

In my last post, I described how we use IBM UrbanCode Deploy to quickly and easily deploy server applications produced by each build.  In this post I will describe how we are using those deployed applications to improve our automated testing and reduce the time it takes to validate the contents of a build. Quality […]

DevOps for Dummies now available!

You have probably heard about DevOps but you want to cut through the hype and understand more about this approach. That is the genesis of DevOps for Dummies, authored by IBM’s Sanjeev Sharma. It is written to appeal to both practitioners and managers and to show you how you can apply a new DevOps approach […]

Rapid build deployment using IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Previously I have focused on build performance in posts like Speeding up the pipeline by slowing down builds and Rethinking personal builds, but there is a lot more to a continuous delivery pipeline than build times.  Once a build produces artifacts, you need to do something with them.  Often the next step is to install […]

Organizing our teams for Continuous Delivery

You may have been reading the blog posts of my colleagues around continuous delivery including the motivation behind it, our focus areas as we transformed from annual to quarterly releases, and some process improvements that we implemented. Continuing this theme, in this blog I’ll write about one of the most dramatic changes that we underwent […]

What’s happening with CLM?

One of the great things about working in a huge organization like IBM Rational is that while you’re heads-down on future work, there’s still an army of people out there making your last release more interesting. As the development teams for CLM are working towards another release, there are lots of parallel efforts that keep […]

Back to school and on to our next CLM release

So things have been a little quiet here on for the CLM team since Innovate. We took some time to recover from shipping CLM 2012 and Innovate, but we’ve also been busy working on plans for our next CLM release, digesting the input from our Product Managers and also your input from the Plan […]

A new project at IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery

We are very pleased to announce the new IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery (SCCD) project on With the SCCD initiative, we plan to develop capabilities that help organizations reduce cycle times and deliver changes that are operationally-ready. What does this mean? In a nutshell we are providing functionality that enables development teams to deliver features […]

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