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A DevOps Transformation for CLM Maintenance – Part 2: Customer Perspectives

What is the advantage of adopting CLM 4.0.7 over 4.0.6? What does the new CLM maintenance approach mean to customers? What are the future considerations system administrators and process owners should have and what are the recommendations?

These are the type of questions we heard from customers since the Announcing of CLM 4.0.7 and my first blog on the DevOps transformation for CLM maintenance. If these are some of your questions, hope you can find the info. in this blog useful.

Scaling to new heights with Rational Team Concert 2.0

One of our major goals for Rational Team Concert 2.0 (RTC) is to support significantly larger development teams on a single server than were supported by our 1.0 release. We knew our Jazz Technology could support more than 250 Developers as soon as we finished our scalability testing and published the Rational Team Concert 1.0 […]

Scaling out Jazz Team Server: optimistic replication

I like to regularly follow, which is all about the practices of extremely scalable web sites. Over the four years that we have been evolving the Jazz platform, we’ve investigated and learned a lot about the principles and standards of scalability, and even discovered a few good ideas of our own. In other words, we’re […]