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What’s happening with CLM?

One of the great things about working in a huge organization like IBM Rational is that while you’re heads-down on future work, there’s still an army of people out there making your last release more interesting. As the development teams for CLM are working towards another release, there are lots of parallel efforts that keep things interesting between code releases. One of our major goals of 2012 was realized earlier this month when Design Management 4.0 for RSA and Rhapsody announced their availability. We had previously talked about the integration of their Beta releases as a highlight of the CLM release, and now their GA releases are here. We’re looking forward to seeing how teams integrate modeling into their collaborative development.

In addition, the reach of CLM is being extended by the Tech Preview of Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters. With these adapters, teams can leverage their source code in Git, bugs in JIRA, or test plans and testcases in HP Quality Center as linked software lifecycle artifacts. Built on the OSLC standards, these adapters allow Git, JIRA or HP QC to play the role of the SCM, Change Management provider, or Quality Management provider in the CLM scenarios, in much the same way our Rational products would.

We’ve got a couple other new pieces of content to help apply CLM to your context, Cindy VanEpps and Nick Norris are kicking off a new series of articles on Software Development Compliance. Nick and Cindy will explore the issues of developing in regulated industries, best practices for dealing with those issues, and how the CLM tools can help. The articles also provide a process configuration template and audit report templates to help you leverage this work in your environment.

One of our favorite ways of demonstrating and explaining CLM is by using the Money That Matters scenario. If you’re looking to understand the capabilities of CLM, this is an excellent tutorial.  You can get more of the background on the scenarios and see them evolve on here. We’ve updated the materials for our Proof of Technology materials which will help you run through the scenario in detail.

Hopefully you’ll find some interesting nuggets in here to increase your understanding or capability of Rational’s CLM solution.

Scott Rich, Distinguished Engineer
IBM Rational Technical Lead for CLM