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DevOps for Dummies now available!

You have probably heard about DevOps but you want to cut through the hype and understand more about this approach. That is the genesis of DevOps for Dummies, authored by IBM’s Sanjeev Sharma. It is written to appeal to both practitioners and managers and to show you how you can apply a new DevOps approach to more rapidly deliver innovative applications and services that solve real business problems.

After reading this book, you will have learned:

  • What is DevOps, the value to the business and what it means for the developer. There is a major shift in the types of applications that businesses are required to deliver – from systems of record to systems of engagement.  Because systems of engagement are used directly by customers, they require intense focus on user experience, speed of delivery and agility.  A DevOps approach applies agile and lean principles across the entire  software supply chain.  This enables businesses to maximize the speed of its delivery of a product or service, from initial idea to production release to customer feedback to enhancements based on that feedback.
  • The DevOps capabilities that help all team members improve their results in delivering great software. The capabilities are a broad set that span the software delivery lifecycle. Where an organization starts with DevOps depends on its business objectives and goals, what challenges it’s trying to address and what gaps in its software delivery capabilities need to be filled.  This DevOps for Dummies book helps practitioners access and use the guidelines , directives and other material that they need to design a DevOps platform following the four DevOps adoption paths: Plan and measure, Develop and test, Release and deploy and Monitor and optimize.
  • The people, process, and technology aspects of adopting DevOps in your organization. You can’t succeed in adopting new capabilities – especially in an enterprise that has multiple potentially distributed stakeholders – without taking into consideration all three aspects of the DevOps capabilities being adopted.  This DevOps for Dummies book will address how to make people more efficient as a team, streamline processes and choose the right tools.
  • How to apply DevOps to help solve the new challenges of Cloud, mobile and multi-tier apps. Many enterprises grew around legacy systems, or through acquisitions and mergers, with complex multi-technology systems that had to work together.  These challenges are further aggravated by the demands being put on modern enterprises by new technologies like cloud and mobile, along with application delivery models such as software supply chains.  This DevOps for Dummies book explores some of these challenges that enterprises face today, and how DevOps can help solve them.
  • 10 common DevOps myths …and facts. The DevOps movement is young and still emerging, especially among enterprises.  Like any new movement or trend, it has attracted myths and fallacies. Some of these myths may have originated in companies or projects that tried and failed to adopt DevOps. What’s true in one situation, however, may not necessarily be true in others. In this DevOps for Dummies book we explore some common myths about DevOps — and the facts to set things straight.

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