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Introducing the Jazz Community sharing site

jazz-communityHave you always wanted to share an IBM Rational Team Concert plug-in that you developed with other users?  Are you new to RTC and want to see what other users have developed?  Do you want to learn more about the RTC SDK and how to use it to create your own plug-in? A big thank you to the German User Group for creating a new public sharing site available to everyone.

Check out the Jazz Community site…!

There are some useful free, open source, plug-ins here, including a way to migrate work items from the Scrum process template to SAFe® projects on the same server while retaining history and links. For managing dependencies, there is a time-box planning widget to visualize and avoid scheduling issues across sprints.  A very cool work item history widget is one of my favorites.  For those who want to do automation, there is a powerful RTC work item command line tool.

Note that IBM does not support these plug-ins since they are community-developed so you need to use the Jazz Community site to get defects fixed or questions answered. But I’m all for users helping themselves and sharing best practices. The public GitHub source code repository that contains the code for the plug-ins is located here.

Rolf Nelson
RTC Product Manager

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