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Towards a Visual Studio client

I’d like to update everyone on the progress of the Team Concert Visual Studio client. Some of you may of seen demos at various conferences over the last year, but in reality we’ve only been able to start serious development of the client after we shipped Team Concert at the end of June.

The first release of the client will support Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. The client will be part of the regular Team Concert product and won’t require an additional purchase. 

As for features, the initial focus is on writing a source control provider and enabling basic work item workflows. You can see from the screenshot below that we’ve got the Pending Changes, Team Artifact, History, and Work Items views under development


In keeping with the way we’ve developed Team Concert, our plan is to incrementally provide new function within the Visual Studio shell in each release. Look for milestone downloads to start appearing on once the code stabilizes a bit. We are probably looking at early November for the first builds to be made available to test drive.

The focus for this first release is that developers should not have to leave the Visual Studio shell, whereas for project administration, planning, and reporting the Web interface will be the preferred client.Stay tuned… we should have something for you to get your hands-on soon.

Jean-Michel Lemieux
Jazz Source Control Team