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See you at EclipseCon 2008


It’s funny to say, but EclipseCon is much more than just about Eclipse the IDE. It’s about tools, platforms, runtimes, and grassroots hacking. Take Jazz as an example, where I would say the most important part of Eclipse we use is the OSGi runtime on the server. Whereas on the client side our design has to allow for different front ends, like web browsers, IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio, or the command line.

The Jazz team will have a big presence at EclipseCon this year. On Tuesday several Jazz team members will give Jazz-related talks including a talk I’ll be giving on Source Control in Jazz. On Tuesday night, make sure to join us for the Jazz Live! event where several senior Jazz development team members will be available to demo and chat about their particular areas of Jazz.

Along with my Jazz talk, I’ll also be giving a long talk called “From the RCP Book to Reality”. Another thing I’m hoping to do, if time permits, I’d really like to spend some time at the hackathon with someone interested in writing a PDE feature-based launcher for Eclipse and OSGi bundles. I’m tired of having long bundle lists and would like an easier way to develop Jazz which has hundreds of server, client, and common plug-ins that are already nicely separated into features.

I look forward to seeing you in California next month!


Jean-Michel Lemieux
Jazz Source Control Team