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What’s the difference between Ignore, Undo, Deliver, Suspend, Discard, and Reverse

“I have edited the files you wanted me to look at”, I told a team member over coffee. “I will check them in once I finish this cup.”

So, after I was back, I opened the pending changes view in the Rational Team Concert Shell control panel, and began to check in the changed files.

Checking in changes

To check in, I must always create a change set. If I want to, I can also associate the change set with an existing or a new work item. Thereafter, unless I deliver the changes, the edited files will not be available to my teammate. For delivering the changes, I can associate the change set with a work item.

Delivering change sets

I was curious about the difference between the various options for checking in and delivering a file. After a bit of research, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Ignore: Any file or folder that is marked thusly is not calculated for computing the changes that you make locally. However, they are calculated for computing the incoming changes. If you add the resource to the ignore list, it is listed in a .jazzignore file, located in the top-level folder of the project by default.
  • Undo: Changes that you made locally are undone (like a Ctrl + Z). The files and folders go back to the stage that they were in when you had accepted them last. Also see Reverse.
  • Deliver: Changes that you made locally to the files and folders are delivered to the stream and are available for the rest of your team to accept and work with.
  • Suspend: The change set is unloaded from your workspace and put into a special folder in the repository. The local files and folders that were associated with this change set return to the state they were in before the change set was started. Till you resume working on a suspended change set, so new changes can be added to it.
  • Discard: The change set is discarded, the changes go away, and  the file or folder is restored to its previous state in the repository workspace.
  • Reverse: The changes that you made locally to the resources that are in a change set are undone. Local changes that are not yet associated with any change set are not undone. Also see Undo.

Anindita Basu
IBM Rational