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Announcing the Integrations Directory

We know it can be frustrating to discover if an integration exists for the products you use. You’re probably tired of managing an endless list of bookmarks that you’ve collected to look up those integrations! The and Rational Integrations Gearbox teams have joined up to improve how information about Integrations is made available.

Over the past few months, the two teams along with input from other key stakeholders have been working on a new tool to look up, and request integrations. Just a few days ago, we made the tool available. Please check it out at:

From the Integrations page, you can select any of the products from the pull-down list.

The results of your selection will then show you all integrations available for that selected product, including information about the integration and where to get it.

From the menu on the left, you can also select a 2nd product to filter your results.

Here’s a few points to help you know what to expect:

  • Content refreshes on a regular basis, and we’re constantly adding more, so over the course of the next few days you should see the list of integrations grow.
  • Right now, the listed integrations are focused on Jazz based products integrating with other Rational products and 3rd Party products. We’re in the process of phasing in all integrations across the Rational brand, as well as Rational integrations with other IBM Software Group brands.
  • The integrations listed cover solutions built by Rational Development, and Services, as well as our Business Partners.
  • Over the course of this roll-out, the other pages on that list integrations will begin to point or redirect to this new page.
  • Don’t see an integration you’re looking for? Feel free to request it directly from the directory results view, or, submit the request directly here.