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The Jazz Plan Jam is ‘jammin’

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Update: Jam voting has been extended to June 13th! Vote now at

Hey all of you “jazzers.” The first ever Jazz Plan Jam is well underway. We kicked off the Jam yesterday and the feedback is starting to roll in! The Jam ends on June 6th June 13th so be sure to jump in on the action!

As of Wednesday evening, we have the following stats to report

  • 104 ideas posted organized by 8 themes
  • 487 votes

The top ideas are:

If we look strictly at the number of votes for each idea, the leaders are as follows:

The top contributors based on your weighted scores are:

The tag cloud looks like this:

It’s getting loud out there! So keep those ideas and comments coming and make sure your voice is heard!

For information about the Plan Jam or how to register, please see my blog announcing the Jam.

Carolyn Pampino
Design Factory team lead and ALM evangelist