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Now on! Rational Team Concert for System z

Until now Rational Team Concert for System z has been part of the Rational Team Concert project on Now’s the time for it to have it’s own space. We’ve received great feedback from our adopters so far, but we want to make it easier and more convenient to receive even more. We want the open dialog, so we are opening up our own self-hosted project area for Rational Team Concert for System z on Now you have not only the clear information on our release, and plans, but you can also directly interact with us about bugs, enhancement requests, and general feedback.

Our Beta for Rational Team Concert 2.0 is still available on but has been moved to the Rational Team Concert for System z downloads, along with the downloads for our existing GA product of Rational Team Concert for System z 1.0.1.

What we have added:

What is Rational Team Concert for System z?

The goal of Rational Team Concert for System z is to provide a superset of the capability of Rational Team Concert by adding support for z/OS development and support for the System z platform. This provides the ability to take advantage of the qualities of service provided by System z. In addition to providing a single collaborative process for your distributed and z/OS teams.

What are we working on now?

Rational Team Concert for System z provides a base for collaborative development while hosting the product on System z. Our next release is providing value add for development of host-based applications. This is based on your feedback for a desire to have a single solution for all developers no matter what language or platform. For a view of the major themes for this release, you can see them in the release plan.

We look forward to your input to our more transparent approach on!

Rosalind Radcliffe
Chief Architect for Jazz for System z and Power Systems