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Video: Getting started with Rational Team Concert 2.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio

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Have you downloaded Rational Team Concert and are now wondering how to quick-start your new project and get your Visual Studio developers on board? We’ve got a few videos for you!

This demo features two actors: Heather is a team leader responsible for starting a new project and exposing a proof of concept to her management; Chris is a Visual Studio developer working for Heather in charge of implementing a Windows prototype.

As the demo shows, starting a new project with Rational Team Concert is easy thanks to the deep integration and natural flow between Process, Work Item, Source Control, and Build. The demo also shows that the Rational Team Concert client for Visual Studio is smoothly integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.  You can work from the Web UI, the Visual Studio, or the Eclipse client, where all the team, project, and build status that you rely on is available to you.

If you would like to try the demo by yourself you will find the demo setup and script at our wiki.

Note: In the demo video, a developer is assigned a Contributor license in addition to the Developer license. In this case, the Contributor license is unnecessary because the Developer license subsumes the capabilities of a Contributor license.

Christophe Cornu
Rational Team Concert client for Visual Studio team