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Jazz tiny tip #1: Filing a defect

Jazz provides a lot of goodness for software developers. Source control. Work items. Builds. Much more. With the announcement of Rational Team Concert Beta 2, there are several resources on to help you get started. Along those lines, I’ve got several tips in mind that I’ll be sharing over the coming weeks. These are really small things that will be obvious to Jazz veterans, but can save some time for new users.

Jazz tiny tip #1: Filing a defect

As a new user of Jazz, one of the first areas you’ll probably explore is the work item feature. Filing a defect in Jazz is really easy. However, if you’re not familiar with the “New Work Item” button icon, it might not be immediately apparent among the several other tool buttons on the main Eclipse toolbar. I’ve highlighted the button for you here:


If your issue isn’t really a defect, there are several other work item types, such as enhancements and tasks. Use the drop down arrow on the New Work Item button to create a work item of a different type.


If you’d rather use the menus, you can find it at File -> New -> Work Item.

Either way, once you know about these actions, you’re always just a split-second away from creating new work items.

To file a work item for Team Concert itself, use the work item web UI. Here’s a link to create a new work item. It’s always nice to include the exact build id you’re using. In the Eclipse client, the build id is tucked away in the About dialog. Go to Help -> About Team Concert.


Click the Jazz icon shown on the left. You should then see a version and build id. Select these and copy them for pasting into the work item.


In the Team Concert web UI, the version is shown at the bottom of the page. You may need to scroll down to see it:


Ryan Manwiller
Jazz Team Build

[Edited on December 24, 2007 to clarify the use of the web UI for filing work items against Team Concert]