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Jazz tiny tip #3: Requesting a build


Early on in the development of the Jazz Team Build component, we looked at the common pain points that developers had around builds. One of these pain points was a lack of control. Many automated build setups did not enable the developer to run a build on demand, or did not make it easy and friendly. We wanted developer-controlled build requests to be easy, friendly, and common in Jazz.

On the Jazz team, we’ve got several scheduled and continuous builds. We’ve got an integration build for the overall team. Plus, each of our sub-teams has an integration build. Typically, the sub-team builds are building continuously on an interval of say 30 minutes, assuming there are new changes to be built.

In addition to the scheduled and continuous builds, any developer, at any time, can request that one of these builds be run. Perhaps you don’t want to wait for the continuous interval to expire? Or, perhaps you want to run the build with some custom properties?

There are several places in the Team Concert UI where you can request a build:

  • Context menu on a build in the Team Artifacts view
  • Context menu on a build in the Builds view
  • Button in the header of the build result editor


When you request a build, a dialog is presented. If you expand the Build Properties twistie, you can see the available build properties. Property additions, removals, and edits usually apply only to the one requested build. However, if you want to save the property changes as the new default, select the checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.


After you submit the build request, it will become a pending request in the build queue. As soon as there is an available build engine, your request will become a running build. You can monitor the request/build in the Builds view, which is opened automatically when you submit the request.


If you don’t see any builds in your Team Artifacts view, then your team may not have yet
setup an automated build in Team Concert. To get started setting up a build, check out this getting started document.

Ryan Manwiller
Jazz Team Build