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New Source Control features in Rational Team Concert 6.0.4

As you can see in What’s new in Rational Team Concert 6.0.4, several new features were added to Rational Team Concert (RTC) source control. I would like to highlight a few of the features in this post.

Operation History

The ability to show the operation history of a stream or workspace has been one of my favorite features delivered recently. Whether you want to see what changes you just accepted or if you need to rollback your workspace to a previous state in order to find out why your builds are failing, this view in invaluable. I find myself using it almost every day. I could go on and on about how great this feature is but, instead, I’ll let you read more about it in the article Rational Team Concert: Operation History feature.

Operation History

Check-in Advisors

Integration with the process framework of RTC is one of the big advantages of Rational Team Concert source control. Source control process recipes for Rational Team Concert provides an overview of many of the aspects of your source control related process you can control. In release 6.0.4, we added the ability to control the process of the check-in of files and folders into a repository workspace. We also provided some advisors to control various aspects of files, such as file encoding, mime-type or size. The above mentioned article has more details on those advisors. We also wrote Adding a check-in participant to Rational Team Concert source control to give you an example of how you can provide your own check-in preconditions or follow up actions.

Code Review

We’ve also added the following improvements to the code review process.

  • The ability to filter issues by resolution, must fix designation and logged in user.Code Review Filters
  • The ability to pick the stream for the code review in the Submit for Review wizard.Submit for Review wizard

For details about these specific improvements, see RTC 6.0.4 sprint 5 new and noteworthy and for more information about code review in general, see Rational Team Concert Code Review.

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Michael Valenta
Technical Lead – Team Concert Source Control