IBM Rational Team Concert

IBM® Rational Team Concert™ is a collaborative software development tool that teams use to manage all aspects of their work, such as iteration and release planning, change management, defect tracking, source control, and build automation.

One tool for all teams

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, waterfall... development, release and deploy, ops, test, engineering, z Systems... use Rational Team Concert to manage the work across them all.

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Work smarter

Rational Team Concert allows work items to be linked to plans, source code, and builds, allowing team members to better understand relationships between these artifacts. Traceability views help teams identify and close gaps to improve quality.

Work item tracking
Source control
Continuous builds

Plan more efficiently

Try Quick Planner, a web-based interface that lets the team create and plan work items in a more streamlined and efficient way.

Reliable integrations

Git and Jenkins users can enjoy the advantages of Rational Team Concert tracking and planning capabilities, process control, dashboards, and reports. Rational Team Concert integrates with these tools and more.

Integrating Rational Team Concert with Git, GitHub, or GitLab
Integrating Rational Team Concert with Jenkins
Built-in integrations

In compliance and in sync

You define the processes, Rational Team Concert enforces them. You define the teams, Rational Team Concert keeps them informed and synchronized.

Process awareness and customization
Team awareness
Social software

Monitor easily

Dashboards and reports present real-time status of what you care about most.

Transparency and project health
How the CLM team leverages dashboards

RTC Dashboard

A community at your service, the website for Rational Team Concert, gives you the unique opportunity to interact with a vibrant user community, as well as with developers of Rational Team Concert itself. With an active forum, library, blog, and more, support is always at your fingertips.

How we work
What's happening with Rational Team Concert development

Benefit from other users

Make the most of, the website that Siemens Building Technologies created to share knowledge and extensions with other Jazz users.

Introducing the Jazz Community sharing site

sharing site
RTC Web Client

Work from more places

Rational Team Concert offers a variety of client and platform options. Where you work is up to you.

Enterprise platform extensions

The big picture

Rational Team Concert is part of the following solutions for systems engineering, embedded software development, and application software development.

IBM Continuous Engineering solution
Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Continuous Engineering
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