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Rational Team Concert for Open Source Development: Experiences with RSSOwl

Rational Team Concert has always been free of charge for open source projects and academic purposes. So, we love it when popular open source projects adopt Rational Team Concert and report back to us their experience and feedback.

Now, I am one of the developers for Rational Team Concert, but I also happen to be the author and lead developer of an open source project called RSSOwl. RSSOwl is a popular application to read news feeds, and it is written in Java on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. We had our RSSOwl project data in Bugzilla, Subversion, and a Wiki, and we undertook the exercise to import this data into Rational Team Concert. The process went smoothly and the results are great. At the EclipseCon 2010 conference, I then announced that Rational Team Concert is the new project development tool of choice for RSSOwl.

The following video illustrates how the RSSOwl team set up Rational Team Concert, and how users and developers of RSSOwl can benefit from their new development tool.

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About the author:

Benjamin Pasero works at IBM Rational Zurich on the Jazz Platform and Rational Team Concert. He is also known as the author and team lead of the open source news reader RSSOwl.