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June 26, 2015
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Rational Quality Manager

Quality management · Manual testing · Continuous improvement

Deliver working software

Everyone knows that software has to work. And for software to work, you have to test it. Use IBM Rational Quality Manager to plan, develop, execute, and report on your test plan -- and make sure your software works.

Agile testing for you and your team: Collaborative and controlled.

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Looking for lifecycle management?

Rational Quality Manager is part of the Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management and Rational Systems and Software Engineering.

What's new in 6.0

Learn about the latest features and capabilities of Rational Quality Manager.

CLM as a Managed Service

Let our team of experts manage your CLM environment so you can remain focused on software and system delivery.

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Features and capabilities

All plans in one place. Agree on the goals that you're after, and keep things on track. more >

Straightforward test scripts guide you through test execution and capture results. more >

"Teach" the tool your team's best practices and you'll get automatic detection if a process violation occurs. more >

Register your physical and virtual servers and software. Schedule resource allocation and test execution using predefined resource configurations. more >

Dashboard and reports give you timely and accurate test metrics and defect counts. Trend charts enable you to take action before things go wrong. more >

Link requirements to test cases and defects. Associate test script steps to achieve fine-grained traceability. more >

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Better test execution and planning

Watch a real-world example of how to efficiently and easily track test execution progress. This video provides a System Verification Test plan example that walks through the latest features.

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Integration with requirements and automation tools

Rational Quality Manager works with requirement management tools - Rational Requirements Composer or Rational DOORS. You can link test cases and mark them as suspect whenever requirements are modified, and everyone can know how well the changing business needs and user requirements are being tested.

Also, Rational Quality Manager integrates with a wide range of test automation tools such as Rational Functional Tester, which enable you to execute tests with all kinds of tools, and collect test results - all from a central location.

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