IBM Rational Quality Manager

IBM® Rational® Quality Manager is a collaborative software development tool that offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features throughout the development lifecycle. Use this tool to accomplish your software quality management goals and improve operational efficiency and accuracy in a continuous delivery environment.

What's happening with Rational Quality Manager development
New & Noteworthy

Better test execution and planning

Watch a real-world example of how to efficiently and easily track test execution progress. This video provides a System Verification Test plan example that walks through the latest features.

Success story

Cisco Systems improves fault analysis and reporting using IBM Rational Quality Manager, saving time and money.

Integration with requirements and automation tools

Rational Quality Manager works with the IBM Rational DOORS® Next Generation requirement management tool. You can link test cases and mark them as suspect whenever requirements are modified, and everyone can know how well the changing business needs and user requirements are being tested.

Also, Rational Quality Manager integrates with a wide range of test automation tools such as IBM Rational Functional Tester, which enable you to execute tests with all kinds of tools, and collect test results - all from a central location.

Features and capabilities

Comprehensive test plans
Process awareness
Reporting with a purpose
Quicker manual testing
Simplified lab management
Requirements driven testing


The big picture

Rational Quality Manager is part of the following solutions for systems engineering, embedded software development, and application software development.

IBM IoT continuous engineering solution
Collaborative Lifecycle Management

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