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Announcing Design Management 4.0 for Rational Software Architect and Rational Rhapsody

I am excited to announce that today the Design Manager 4.0 support for Rational Software Architect (RSA) is generally available and that the support for Rational Rhapsody will be coming on September 21st.

This is a very big release for Design Manager; in my opinion even more significant than the initial release in June 2011. For starters, the Design Management server can now actively manage changes to designs. This eliminates the need for RSA and Rhapsody users to manage their design changes with a file-based SCM and then import the design changes onto the DM server.

The next biggie is the integration with CLM. The DM server can now be configured to share a Jazz Team Server with Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, and Rational Quality Manager making the overall solution easier to administer.

One of the most common questions I get asked with DM is “Can I link my requirements and designs?” The answer is yes! DM 4.0 includes OSLC linking between designs and requirements regardless of whether you are using RSA, Rhapsody, RRC, or DOORS.

Here are the 4.0 highlights:

  1. Managing design changes and design configuration management
  2. Sharing a Jazz Team Server with CLM for easier administration
  3. Design projects integrated with lifecycle projects
  4. Lifecycle traceability between requirements and designs
  5. Graphical impact analysis
  6. Search for design resources across multiple project areas
  7. Query-based searching
  8. Web-based sketching
  9. Live design documents
  10. Integrated document generation with predefined templates.

Check out the “What’s New in Rhapsody Design Manager and RSA Design Manager 4.0” for more details and keep an eye on the library for upcoming articles and videos that dive into each of these areas.

Congratulations and thanks to the entire team who worked tremendously hard over the past 15 months on this release. We hope enjoy using it and look forward to your feedback!

Don Yantzi

Product Manager, Rational Software Architect and Design Management