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Announcing Tech Previews for HP ALM, Git, and JIRA Integration Adapters

Many of you have shared the challenges you face working in a diverse environment consisting of tools from numerous vendors.  In particular, we are aware of the need for reliable integrations between our Rational products and other tools. Over the past few months we have collaborated with a number of you to design and develop three of those integrations, all based on Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration ( Today we are pleased to announce the availability of two new technology previews for HP ALM and Git, as well as an updated technology preview for JIRA. Below you will find a brief description of each, followed by a link where you can find more information, download the previews, and provide feedback.

IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for JIRA

The IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for JIRA allows you to use Atlassian JIRA with your Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), and Rational Quality Manager (RQM) capabilities. While you may have standardized on the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), areas of your business may still be using JIRA for defect management. Integrate with JIRA to submit defects from RQM, track requirement implementation from RRC, or assign tasks from RTC. This functionality allows you traceability across lifecycle data, encompassing both your Rational and JIRA users. For more details, please read Using the Rational Solution for CLM with Atlassian® JIRA®

IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for HP ALM

The IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for HP ALM technology preview allows you to connect your HP ALM projects to CLM projects areas and provides traceability across HP, RRC, and RTC from both the Rational and HP UIs. If you are working with RRC, you can reconcile RRC requirement collections with HP ALM test folders to ensure test coverage of your requirements. In RTC, link failed test runs to work items in RTC, or link change sets in RTC to defects tracked in HP ALM. New dashboard widgets allow you to view data both from HP ALM and CLM in one place to raise up the level of cross-tool visibility. For more details, please read Using the Rational Solution for CLM with HP® ALM

IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for Git

The IBM Rational OSLC Adapter for Git integrates Git with RTC work items. Git developers can continue working as usual but will now be able to annotate their commit messages with “bug 1234” or “bug: 1234”. Then, when they push to a configured shared repository, a link between the commit and the work item is created. A commit can reference more than one work item, and the same work item can be referenced in multiple commits. The links are visible in RTC and in Gitweb. Links can be followed in either direction and deleted from the RTC work item. In addition, links can be added between commits to new or existing work items from Gitweb. For more details, please read Using the Rational Solution for CLM for Git®.

We look forward to your feedback as you consider how these integrations can help you solve your challenges. Please use the forum ( with the tags “integration”, “hp”, “jira”,  or “git”. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Brian King
Development Manager, Rational Connector for SAP Solution Manager