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Using the Scrum Process and Agile Estimating and Planning with Rational Team Concert

I’ve had a lot of positive reaction to my developerWorks article on this topic, and many have requested a video version.  So here it is, at last:

Like the article, the video follows the fictional Havannah team while they develop a Product Backlog and then a Sprint Backlog and execute their first Sprint.  The case study comes from Mike Cohn’s Agile Estimating and Planning book.  Since Scrum doesn’t specify how to maintain your backlog, I chose User Stories, and Mike’s example is complete enough to be interesting and simple enough to not get in the way of the tutorial.

The topics covered include:

  1. Overview of Project and Team Areas for the Havannah 1.0 project.
  2. Developing a Product Backlog with User Stories.
  3. Creating a Sprint Backlog from the Product Backlog by moving stories to the Sprint Iteration Plan and then developing tasks and estimates for them.
  4. Discussion of Team Load bars and their use during planning sessions.
  5. Description of work planning using the My Work view and why this is important – because it makes the Planned Time view work as intended.
  6. Sprint “execution”: updating tasks with time spent, changing states, adding discussion elements as well as use of Impediment and Retrospective Work Items.
  7. Use of standard reports, like the Sprint Burndown.
  8. An overview of the RTC Web UI.

Special thanks to Mike Cohn for permission to use some graphics from his web site to punch up the presentation.

Millard Ellingsworth