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Welcome to the Jazz Team Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Jazz team blog! We’ve decided to start a team blog so that members of the Jazz team can write about topics we think will be interesting and informative to the community, such as:

  • Tips and tricks on how to better use Jazz-based tools
  • How we ourselves use Jazz-based tools to build the Jazz platform
  • What we’ve learned about software development over the course of the Jazz project and how this has influenced the design and capabilities of the tools
  • How we’ve learned to work together as a team

We hope that sharing this sort of information with the community will be helpful to your teams as you work on your projects. Also, we hope that you’ll comment on your own tips and tricks and and share your experiences, both for the benefit of other community members and to help us build tools that better suit your needs.

I’m going to keep this initial entry short since there’s a lot going on already today with the arrival of Rational Team Concert 1.0 Beta 2 – I think you’ll see that we’ve been busy since shipping Beta 1 in June. :-)

Bill Higgins and Jazz Web UI Teams