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What is C/ALM?

I’m often asked to explain Collaborative ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and am usually taken aback by the question. It’s like asking me to explain the value of ‘breathing.’ “Uh, because it hurts a lot if you don’t do it?”

All joking aside, we recently we kicked off our design partner program for Collaborative ALM (C/ALM), and I provided the following introduction. Apparently it worked as I’ve had several requests for a recorded version. It’s just me talking to a couple of slides without any fancy demos, but I do manage to define Collaborative ALM and why you need it, AND I keep it under 5 minutes. This video is best viewed in full-screen mode.

If you are an IBM customer and would like to learn more about the design partner program for Collaborative ALM, please contact Erin Kelley O’Connor, Design Partner Program Manager (

Carolyn Pampino
Collaborative ALM Lead