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Coming soon: IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management V7.0.3

Our next ELM release will soon be generally available, and we are thinking about the many enhancements in the following categories:

  1. Digital Thread: manage dependencies among engineering linked data
  2. Reporting: automate the gathering and presentation of project and program-wide status information and program deliverables
  3. Configuration and Change Management: improve the process of defining, reviewing, and changing artifacts in the context of the product/system under design or development
  4. Agile Engineering and Compliance: plan and manage work in ways that minimize bottlenecks and accelerate the flow of work across the value stream for continuous value delivery–while meeting compliance obligations
  5. User Productivity: practitioners and administrators can work faster with less overhead and with fewer opportunities for error
  6. Operating at scale: hardened deployments, increased data and user scale, and keeping current with the many other products in the ELM specified operating environment and integrations.

The ELM product managers will be posting “what’s new” information in the coming days. We will update the list below with links when they are published, so you can use this post as a link to all of them:

In addition, there are “what’s new” topics in the ELM 7.0.3 documentation available now:

We understand that it’s a journey to adopt modern digital engineering practices. We trust these enhancements will help you and your teams along the way.

With best wishes,

Daniel Moul
Principal Product Manager