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What’s New in IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) V7.0.3 

As a continuation of the blog post series that Daniel started a couple of weeks ago with “Coming soon: IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management V7.0.3”, I am pleased to summarize here some of the enhancements that testers will benefit from with this new release. 

In the User Productivity category, my favorite enhancement is the improved manual test script editor find and replace action: You can now find and replace text across test script steps in a manual test script. In the Find and Replace window, you can control the find direction, matching criteria, and scope of finding text. You can also replace all the found occurrences in a manual test script. 

Let me also highlight the ability to now use drag and drop or copy and paste to link test cases with architecture elements in Rhapsody Model Manager (RMM), as well as the support of drag and drop to link test plans with development plans in Workflow Management (EWM). 

And for those that need to run manual tests in offline mode, usability improvements have made their way into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet automatically generated to support that use case. An Index tab with links as well as backlinks have been added to facilitate the navigation. All the test artifact names, or the list of test artifacts also include owner and test environment are now displayed as links. The names of test artifacts that support web ID on the user interface, such as test plans or test cases, are displayed in the <web ID>: <title> format. 

In the Reporting category, using the LQE data source, the suspect contributors are now available for the QM test case artifacts, providing visibility on which of the linked requirements have been modified and thus contributed to change the status of the test case to suspect. The following attributes are also added: the blocking status for QM test case execution records, Quality Objectives, Entry and Exit Criteria, Application security and Test team properties of Test Plans. 

For additional details on what’s new and noteworthy in ETM 7.0.3, you can read the article in IBM Documentation

Kind Regards, 

Christophe Telep 
Product Manager