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What’s new in Rational Publishing Engine 6.0.6

Version 6.0.6 of the IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) is now available! This release focused on improving usability to develop RPE templates, enterprise security and parity support with the RPE Document Builder.

The following list provides a summary of the RPE 6.0.6 features:

1) Improved Usability with Document Preview view

Rational Publishing Engine continues to improve the template creation experience. With live document preview, you can preview the output as you design the template in RPE Document Studio. The preview is refreshed either upon save or by clicking the Preview button. If the document is not as expected, the template or JavaScript™ conditions can be corrected without having to generate the document and open it. You can watch a video about Document Preview.

and for additional information, see Previewing a document.

This is a screen capture of the Preview view.

2) Enterprise Security

Support certificate authentication for Document Builder

You can now authenticate with Collaborative Lifecycle Management applications that are using SSL certificates. The desktop client supports SSL certificates since version 6.0.5, and this feature is now extended to the RPE Document Builder. You can watch a video about Certificate Authentication, and for additional information, see Certificate Authentication.

Support for Kerberos/SPNEGO single sign-on

When designing templates and generating documents, you can now authenticate with Collaborative Lifecycle Management applications that use the Kerberos/SPNEGO SSO protocol. You can watch a video about Kerberos Authentication, and for additional information, see Kerberos Authentication.

New Schema wizard

3) RPE Document Builder is now under the Jazz Home menu

We heard feedback that finding RPE Document Builder among other IBM Continuous Engineering applications is hard. Now you can easily find it right under the Jazz home menu.  RPE Document Builder must be registered with the Jazz Team Server (JTS), so that it can appear under the Jazz home menu.

Image of Document Builder on the Home menu

We are excited to deliver a number of other updates for RPE. You can find out about all 6.0.6 improvements in the New & Noteworthy RPE 6.0.6.

Rational Publishing Engine works with the IBM Continuous Engineering solution.  To download and install the product, go to

Let us know what you think about our latest release, and share this blog post with your peers.

Fariz Saracevic
IBM CE Reporting (JRS+RPE+RELM) Offering Manager

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