IBM Rational Publishing Engine

IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine automates the generation of document-style reports across your deployed Jazz™ and third-party tools, whether these reports are needed for formal reviews, contractual obligations, regulatory oversight, or ad hoc use. It allows for outputting high quality documents in formats like PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, or XSL.

User-defined templates

Rational Publishing Engine provides predefined templates to let you get started quickly, as well as an Eclipse-based IDE for creating and editing document templates. Creating your own templates allows you to tailor the format to your needs, and then reuse these for all the reports you generate in the future.

Drag and drop Rational Publishing Engine template design
Template assistant in Rational Publishing Engine 2.1 and 2.1.1

Reporting across the whole solution

Rational Publishing Engine integrates with all of the Jazz products, including IBM Rational DOORS® Next Generation, IBM Rational Team Concert™, and IBM Rational Quality Manager, as well as other select Rational and third-party tools. This allows you to have one tool that performs the report generation across your entire tool set.

Integrating Rational Publishing Engine

Reports the way you need them

Rational Publishing Engine allows you to publish your reports in the format you need, whether it is a PDF, HTML, Excel, XSL, or Word document. It also allows you to provide a digital signature and password protect PDF or Word documents.

Import Word template to RPE template

Reporting on configurations

Use Rational Publishing Engine to produce documents from your Collaborative Lifecycle Management configurations. Report on artifacts such as requirements, designs, or tests for different variants. Keep track of who changed what, when, and why. Manage ever-higher levels of complexity and compliance.

Success story

Crane Aerospace & Electronics reduces report times from days to hours with Rational Publishing Engine.

A community at your service, the website for Rational Publishing Engine, gives you the unique opportunity to interact with a vibrant user community, as well as with developers of Rational Publishing Engine itself. With the wide array of resources found on, support is always at your fingertips.

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Rational Publishing Engine vs. Jazz Reporting Service

Jazz reporting tools include Jazz Reporting Service in addition to Rational Publishing Engine. When should you use each one?

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