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Drag and drop Rational Publishing Engine template design

With Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) 2.1, you could drag and drop the web resource URL from the application you are working on (e.g. Rational DOORS Next Generation, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert, Rational Rhapsody Design Manager, Jazz Reporting Service) onto RPE Studio editor and get a new RPE template for the dropped web resource. RPE 2.1.1 adds drag and drop support for couple of more artifacts from Design Manager and for report with graphs from Java Reporting Service.



You don’t just get a template here, but also a pre-configured document specification. RPE determines the REST URL for the web resource URL, configures the data source within the document specification. You could then generate the document with very little or no configuration. Consider the template as a base template to modify the template according to your needs with respect to data and formatting.

Supported artifacts

  1.  Rational DOORS Next Generation
    • Module
    • Resources
    • Text
    • Use case diagram
    • Images / Sketch
  2. Rational Quality Manager
    • Test plans
    • Test plan
    • Test Cases
    • Test case
    • Test script
  3. Rational Team Concert
    • Workitems
    • Workitem
  4. Rational Rhapsody Design Manager (6.0.2 and above only)
    • Packages
    • Project
    • Use case diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
    • Communication Diagram
    • Object Model Diagram
  5. Jazz Reporting Service
    • Reports with Tabular data in Book or Table format
    • Reports with graphical data

Find complete documentation here.

Quick tips

  • Use OSLC/Permanent URLs as much as possible over URL on the browser address bar
  • Use Work Item ID URL for single work item and work items welcome page URL to filter on various attributes for Rational Team Concert
  • Configure variables, if any, in the import template wizard
  • Use “Template -> Import Web Resource” menu instead of drag and drop in Studio
  • These template / snippets as available as sample template within the RPE installation
    • RPE_HOME/snippets, RPE_HOME/templates for desktop application
    • Sample assets in RPE Document Builder

  Watch video on Importing web resource to build a DNG template

Watch video on Importing web resource to build a JRS template with support for graphical artifact

For more RPE 2.1.1 videos, visit the Rational Publishing Engine 2.1.1 YouTube playlist.