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Announcing the CLM 2012 release: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer 4.0

I am proud to announce that the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) 2012 release will be available for download June 12!  This release delivers RTC 4.0, RQM 4.0, and RRC 4.0 in one integrated solution. It is the culmination of many months of effort by our developers, and great collaboration with our community at

You’ll be able to download trials, try it in the sandbox, and obtain the software through your normal channels including IBM Passport Advantage.

In addition, you can extend the CLM 2012 solution with Design Management (Beta) capabilities for collaboration and traceability of architecture and designs.

CLM 2012 highlights:

  1. Clustering for high availability
  2. Server rename for selected scenarios
  3. Incremental, flexible upgrade allows each role on a team to upgrade at their own pace
  4. Simpler and faster upgrades and roll-outs
  5. Express setup
  6. Optimized support for Mobile, SAP, and IBM WebSphere Application Server
  7. Improved reporting and document generation

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For the Developer, here are the Rational Team Concert 4.0 highlights:

  1. Ability to support a mix of 3.x and 4.0 clients
  2. Manage plans and schedules that span multiple projects
  3. Finer grained security to more easily support outside suppliers and consultants
  4. Locate and verify changes to multiple release variants using drag and drop
  5. Version anything simply, from within the Windows shell
  6. Enhanced ISPF support and impact analysis for System z developers

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For the Tester, Rational Quality Manager 4.0 highlights:

  1. New role-based reporting and live views showing test execution progress and traceability to requirements
  2. Improved test planning through support of hierarchical timelines and test prioritization
  3. New manual test authoring experience leveraging Rational Functional Tester recording
  4. Process enactment and customization flexibility
  5. Improved enterprise deployment support

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For the Analyst, Rational Requirements Composer 4.0 highlights:

  1. Extended and refined data access control and automatic requirements identification
  2. More solutions for analyzing traceability through graphical explorers, and suspect link analysis
  3. Extended CLM lifecycle integration for Rational Design Manager (Beta) to trace and report requirements
    and models/elements

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For the Architect, Rational Software Architect and Rational Rhapsody Design Manager 4.0 BETA highlights:

  1. Sharing a Jazz Team Server with CLM and integration with lifecycle projects
  2. Lifecycle traceability between requirements and designs
  3. Managing design changes with design configuration management
  4. Graphical impact analysis
  5. Cross project and query-based searching
  6. Integrated design documents and design sketching

Get the full story in What’s New in Rational Software Architect and Rational Rhapsody Design Manager 4.0 BETA

Community contributions have played a critical role in shaping this release. We appreciate all the feedback, defect reports, enhancement requests, and forum discussions. Continuing our history of self-hosting, we also deployed each milestone to both internal and development servers, subjecting the code to constant testing by some of our toughest critics: our own development teams and IBM community users.

Look for the CLM 2012 downloads on on June 12. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it!

Dave Thomson
Director, Rational Jazz ALM