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Add Seven Free Developers to Rational Team Concert

NOTE: This offer has ended and is no longer available.

We’ve done two things to make Rational Team Concert more affordable for small teams:

  1. Made all editions start with a total of 10 Developers (three included + seven free)
  2. Dropped the server prices (by approximately half) for a limited time


We heard feedback that users wanted a simpler transition from Rational Team Concert Express-C to other Rational Team Concert Editions as they grew beyond ten developers. To make this easier, we are making available seven free Developer licenses to Rational Team Concert Express, Standard, and Enterprise Server Editions. These additional free Developer licenses are available for download only on Since each purchased Rational Team Concert server edition already includes three “authorized user” licenses, these seven free authorized user licenses gives you a total of 10 to start with on all Rational Team Concert server editions.

In most countries, we are also running a limited-time promotion for all three Rational Team Concert Server Editions that makes it truly affordable to get started. See the IBM public announcement link for your region North America ; Europe-Middle-East-Africa ; Latin America ; Asia Pacific. And remember, Rational Team Concert Express-C is still completely free for 10 developers.

Rational Team Concert Express Edition: (License + 1st year maintenance included)

For 10 developers ~$325/seat* (limited time promotion)

For 20 developers ~$812/seat* (limited time promotion)

For 30 developers ~$975/seat* (limited time promotion)

Additionally, small teams now have more affordable access to the Rational Team Concert Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, which both include these additional capabilities:

  • Fully customizable work item workflows
  • Automated LDAP synchronization with an external registry
  • Plan risk assessment:  Will this feature fit into a given iteration?
  • ClearCase and ClearQuest synchronization and bridges
  • Fully customizable report templates

If your development team is still using poorly integrated agile planning, version control, defect tracking or build tools, now you have no excuse not to try Rational Team Concert… but we should warn you, that our experience with other Rational Team Concert customers is once developers try it they don’t want to use anything else!

If you are already a Rational Team Concert user, now you can expand your use to more team members.  If you would like to share with others how Rational Team Concert has made your team more productive, feel free to write a review.

You can listen to a podcast summarizing this offer here.

How do I get my seven free additional licenses?

Download your seven free developer licenses from Choose the appropriate activation key for your server edition.

Can I get the seven free if I’m an existing Rational Team Concert customer?

Yes, the seven free will work with Rational Team Concert 2.x. You can download the seven free Developer Licenses now.

Is there IBM support for these extra 7 free licenses?

Yes, just like the three Developer licenses included with your purchased Rational Team Concert server edition, these extra seven area also supported with your existing support contract. Rational Team Concert Express-C with 10 free Developer licenses continues to be community supported.

Do I pay maintenance on the 7 free licenses?

The maintenance fee for these 7 licenses is already included with your annual maintenance for your purchased RTC server Edition.

How do I get started if I’m new to Rational Team Concert and need more than 10 developer licenses?

You simply purchase a Rational Team Concert server here (Express, Standard or Enterprise) with three Developer licenses included, and then buy the number of Developer licenses you need above ten.  Note that you can only have one “seven free” license pack installed per purchased Rational Team Concert server.

Can I buy Rational Team Concert on-line?

Yes. For example, you can buy Rational Team Concert Express on-line here.

What if I have more than one Rational Team Concert server in my company?

Each server can have their own “seven free” Developer licenses installed as long as they are not using a shared license server.  If you manage them with a shared license server, then you are only permitted to have a total of seven free Developer licenses installed across the set of servers using the same shared license server.

If I’m already using Rational Team Concert Express-C today and I need more than 10 developers how can I take advantage of  the 7 free?

You can simply buy a Rational Team Concert Express server (or Standard or Enterprise) and download the seven free Developer licenses from  Then you just buy the additional Developer licenses you need as your team grows beyond 10 developers

What if I’m using a Rational Team Concert trial version? Do the seven free Developer licenses unlock my trial?

No, the seven free Developer licenses will not change the nature of your trial version of Rational Team Concert. It will still be a trial period, so you would only benefit from adding the seven free if you have a licensed server. You change a trial to a licensed server when you buy an RTC server.

What if I’m using Rational Team Concert for System z or Rational Team Concert for Power Systems?

The seven free Developer licenses do not apply to Rational Team Concert for System z or Rational Team Concert for Power Systems. These editions continue to include three Developer licenses with their Rational Team Concert servers and have no free “community edition”.

*Official prices are published here.  This is an example only and not the official IBM price, which is subject to change.  The Rational Team Concert Express example for 20 developers assumes the purchase of one Rational Team Concert Express Server using promotional pricing and 10 additional authorized user licenses.  The total cost is then divided by 20 developer seats to arrive at an approximate cost per seat in US $ currency.  Uplifts or other local currency fluctuations may affect your price per seat. This is an approximation only and not an official  price quote.