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Webcast: Using Rational Team Concert in a Globally Distributed Team

Notice: The webcast mentioned in this blog is no longer available. We are looking into recovering the webcast.

Rational Team Concert is being developed by a globally distributed team. Since we strongly believe in consuming our own output/dogfood it should be no surprise that we are use using Team Concert intensively for our own development (see also selfhosting by the numbers). This is a topic I enjoy talking about and there is a lot to tell. So to get started telling this story I’ve recorded a webcast that illustrates how we use Team Concert ourselves throughout a full release cycle.

In the webcast Iā€™m using a mix of slides and demos with live data from our real development server. However, there is still a lot more to say on this topic. The webcast runs for about 60 minutes and here is the outline:

Our Setup

  • Agile Practices
  • Server Setup
  • Rhythm
  • Demo: Project Setup
  • Demo: Setup for a Team
  • Process: Work Item Types, Roles, and Team Structure
  • Demo: Process Setup

Planning a Release

  • Release and Iteration Planning
  • Demo: Release Plan


  • Iteration Planning
  • Demo: Iteration Plan of a Component Team
  • Delivering changes
  • Demo: Stream Flows
  • Tracking Iteration Progress
  • Demo: Dashboards
  • Building: Stabilizing an Integration Build (see blog entry on this topic), Build Promotion
  • Demo: Weekly Integration Build, Build Tracking
  • Retrospective

Finishing a release ā€“ the end game

  • Endgame Process Rules, Reviews, and Approvals (see blog entry on the 1.0 end game)
  • Demo: Endgame Rules, Approvals
  • Quality Tracking using Dashboards

The webcast assumes you are familiar with Team Concert.

So finally this is the webcast. The webcast is provided as an IBM e-Seminar. To view the webcast you simply provide your name and email address, but you are not registering for any service, and your information is not used for any purpose.

If you do not have the time to watch the webcast but are more interested to see us live at work you can also follow us in the development section on

As always we are interested in feedback. For example, are there topics from this webcast that you would like to hear more about, etc.