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Team Concert Beta 2 Is Here!

Fri, 14 December 2007 11:30:00 EDT

1 December 2010 UpdateBeta 2 is no longer available. Please see the Rational Team Concert Downloads page for more options.

The Jazz Team is happy to announce that Rational Team Concert 1.0 Beta 2 is now available for download on Rational Team Concert is the first product based on the Jazz Technology Platform. We encourage all community members to upgrade to Beta 2.

Key Beta 2 Features

Beta 2 represents six months of hard work by the Jazz team implementing new capabilities, improving existing capabilities, and, of course, fixing bugs. Some of the most important new features are below (for a comprehensive list, see the Beta 2 New and Noteworthy page).

  • Customizable Work Items. You can customize the Jazz Work Items component in order to support the development process that your team follows. Examples of customizations include: introducing new work item types with additional attributes of various types (e.g. short and long Strings, HTML, timestamp, enumerations), Work Item type specific state transition models, Work Item editor layouts, and predefined Work Item queries.
  • Source Control Command Line. While we initially focused on creating a rich UI user experience for Jazz Source Control, it's important for automation and scripting to be able to access Jazz Source Control artifacts from the command line. To support these scenarios, we've created a new Jazz Source Control command line client which is available from the jazz/scmtools folder of the client install. Type 'scm help' for a listing of the commands and see the SCM Command Line Tutorial wiki topic for more information.
  • ClearCase Connector. A new ClearCase Connector is available as part of the base Team Concert install. This enables a ClearCase customer to have a team use Team Concert as their development environment for working on a ClearCase branch or UCM stream. This allows a development team to get the full Team Concert experience, including the use of the advanced agile SCM support provided by Jazz SCM, while allowing the integration and release-engineering teams to continue benefiting from the Enterprise SCM features provided by ClearCase. An automated nightly synchronize process imports the changes from one or more selected ClearCase branches or streams into a corresponding Jazz SCM stream in theTeam Concert repository, and conversely exports the changes made to that Jazz SCM stream to that ClearCase branch or UCM stream.
  • ClearQuest Connector. This enables a ClearQuest customer to have a team use the Team Concert as their development environment, while dynamically synchronizing any changes made to each of a selected set of workitems with a corresponding change-request record in ClearQuest. A mechanism called "synchronization rules" is used to map the semantics of your Team Concert workitem types to the schema of your ClearQuest record types. The ClearQuest Connector will both dynamically transfer changes between the two systems, as well as monitor all changes for divergence from the defined process. This allows you to specify an agile process for your development team, without losing the benefit of the visibility and control provided by your corporate ClearQuest environment.
  • Subversion Import and Coexistence. To help our community members who wish to move from Subversion to Jazz Source Control, we now provide the ability to import the contents of a Subversion repository into Jazz Source Control. For customers who are not ready to move off of Subversion but would like to use other Jazz features such as Work Items and Iteration Plans, we've provided support for bi-directional linking between Jazz Work Items and Subversion revisions. For more information, see the SCM/Subversion wiki topic.
  • Improved Reports Support. Reports have graduated from incubation and are now available as part of the main client download. The user interface (both in the rich client and in the web UI) and parameters section have been re-designed and are easier to use. Reports also now support process permissions and participate in project area creation, aiding in the getting started experience.
  • Web Dashboards. With Beta 2 we're shipping a brand new component we call "Web Dashboards". It allows projects, teams, and users to create highly customizable views of information from a wide variety of sources including other Jazz components like Work Items and Reports. In addition, RSS or Atom feeds containing information that the dashboard creator finds useful can be included. To see Dashboards in action, check out our own Jazz Project Dashboard.
  • Oracle Support. With Beta 2 we've made it possible to use the Jazz Repository on top of an Oracle database. We encourage Oracle users to try out this capability and provide feedback on the experience.

Looking Ahead

Using Team Concert's support for concurrent development lines, at the same time we were closing out Beta 2, we were also beginning to determine priorities and key features for the third and final beta, Beta 3. Beta 3 is the last of the three planned betas and is also the initial release candidate for am Concert 1.0 (see the release plan for more information).

For now, we hope that our community members will download Beta 2, enjoy its improvements, and let us know what you think. The Server Setup Guide, the Client Setup Guide, and the Jazz Tutorial contain useful information to help you get started. The Repository Migration Guide explains how you can migrate your data from previous versions of Team Concert to Beta 2. If you get stuck, you can ask questions on the User Forum. We still have lots of ideas about how we can make Team Concert better (as our work item backlog attests) but we think Beta 2 is a big step forward. We hope you'll agree.

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