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Off and running in 2014: Announcing CLM 4.0.6

This week we released CLM 4.0.6, the next version of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM). CLM 4.0.6 will be our first quarterly release for 2014 and represents the start of our second full year in continuous delivery mode. We’re off to a fast start, focusing on improvements in key areas including DevOps, consumability, cross platform development, support for managing complex projects and more.

Continued strengthening of the IBM DevOps solution

As the recognized industry leader, IBM DevOps demonstrates how lean and agile principles can be applied across the application development and delivery lifecycle to help clients achieve dramatic improvements in speed to market, cost, quality, and the ability to manage complexity – and in turn, leverage software to drive innovation and competitive advantage. Rational CLM represents a critical component of the DevOps lifecycle. With V4.0.6 we have continued to enhance our capabilities, particularly in terms of driving release and deploy from the collaborative development phase.

Rational Team Concert V4.0.6 now gives you added control over when a Jazz Team Build should be automatically deployed by using IBM UrbanCode Deploy, helps teams run a standup meeting more efficiently, enables visual collaboration with work item activity streams and viewlets, and enhances easy-to-install, agile reports to include velocity, cumulative flow and advanced burnup project status.

Gated continuous delivery

For large complex development projects

Many of our customers are using CLM to manage large scale, highly complex projects that are core to their business. V4.0.6 includes several enhancements in this area:

  • CLM 4.0.6 makes it easier to create and manage link relationships across plans and drag and drop work items across multiple project plans in the web UI.
  • The locate change set capability is enhanced to answer questions such as “Which builds are my latest changes in?”
  • More frequent releases mean more builds, so support was added for build definition folders to manage increased complexity.
  • Enhanced fine grained traceability between DOORS requirements and Rational Quality Manager test script steps.

Enhanced consumability

For each release we look at ways to improve consumability. Some examples in this V4.0.6 include:

  • Improved test execution planning when using test suites
  • Advanced test parameterization through enumerated project execution variables for increase reuse of manual test scripts, remote test scripts, test cases, and test suites
  • Module usability improvements for artifact creation

For teams developing for System z or IBM i environments

This release makes major improvements to dependency build and promotion by adding a promotion report, support for snapshot capture, and follow-up actions to run a target build on promotion and the ability to suppress build map creation.

Serviceability improvements

In the area of serviceability, we’re further enhancing the CLM Server Monitoring capability with the introduction of a service that creates performance problem work item types with relevant data embedded to speed resolution. New integrated problem reporting capabilities have also been added.

New platform support

With each release we work to stay up-to-date to support the latest versions of browsers, operations systems, databases and so on. With CLM 4.0.6 we’ve added support for the following:

  • Visual Studio 2013 (Rational Team Concert)

To see all of what’s new, check out New and Noteworthy for each product: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirements Composer, and Rational Software Architect Design Manager.

Thank you!