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Track developer activity with Rational Insight incubator

I’m very pleased to announce the release of IBM Rational Activity Tracking 0.5, the first Rational Insight incubator and the first Insight project developed in collaboration with IBM Research. But just what is IBM Rational Activity Tracking? To illustrate, let’s look at an example. With today’s globally integrated work force, it is common for software developers […]

CLM Beta 3 now available

This week we’ve released a Beta 3 for our three Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) products: Rational Team Concert – Beta 3, New & Noteworthy Rational Quality Manager – Beta 3, New & Noteworthy Rational Requirements Composer – Beta 3, New & Noteworthy As a team we practice continuous betas. Each milestone we produce is expected […]

Social Connector for Rational Team Concert at Lotusphere 2011

I am excited to announce a new technology preview of the Social Connector for Rational Team Concert. This new release supports Rational Team Concert 3.0 and is now available for download directly from on the RTC 3.0 download page under the Add-ons section. We are showing off this new release at Lotusphere 2011 Jan […]

CLM Project Update – Staging the CLM Deliverables

On September 20, we posted Beta 2 (“CLM Beta 2 is available!”) of the CLM products. If you’ve been following closely, you may be wondering why you see Rational Team Concert’s latest milestone posted as Release Candidate RC1, and Rational Quality Manager posted as Milestone M10, so I’d like to give you an update on […]

Lotus Connections integration with Rational Team Concert, technology preview now available

Here is a quick follow-up to my previous blog post with the teaser about the upcoming Lotus Connections integration with Rational Team Concert that is being developed by Mainsoft. They’ve now made the integration available for download as a technology preview, and we asked Jonas Martinsson from Mainsoft to give us some updates for our […]

A preview of Lotus Connections integration with Rational Team Concert

You might remember that in August I asked Dekel Cohen of Mainsoft to write a blog posting about their document collaboration product.  My motivation to ask him came from our technical conversations. While our conversation is still going strong the topics we talk about have changed. He and his team are busy working on a […]

IBM Rational Build Forge integration is now available!

The recently released IBM Rational Build Forge 7.1 has added support for integration between Rational Team Concert and Rational Build Forge. By combining the powerful software assembly automation of Rational Build Forge with the collaborative, agile environment of Rational Team Concert your software development teams can now easily: Manage software assembly for Jazz and traditional […]

Surfing the Collaborative ALM web – RTC, RQM, and RRC

In the user forum and on other occasions the question has come up about how the Jazz based products Team Concert, Quality Manager, and Requirements Composer play together. To help explain this, I’m pleased to point you to a recording of a demo we recently presented at a Rational VOICE of the Customers event. The […]

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