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IBM Rational Build Forge integration is now available!

The recently released IBM Rational Build Forge 7.1 has added support for integration between Rational Team Concert and Rational Build Forge. By combining the powerful software assembly automation of Rational Build Forge with the collaborative, agile environment of Rational Team Concert your software development teams can now easily:

  • Manage software assembly for Jazz and traditional environments simultaneously
  • Accelerate process execution with simultaneous execution on multiple platforms
  • Handle even the most complex toolset without scripting
  • Ensure compliance mandates with sophisticated logging for governance and traceability

When developers launch build requests from Rational Team Concert, corresponding Rational Build Forge jobs are started. Once the build is completed, the results are available directly in Rational Team Concert, or via bi-directional links that makes data available from both products. Through this tight integration, your Rational Team Concert users have an in-shell Rational Build Forge experience.

The integration provides automatic linkage between the Build Forge build and Rational Team Concert. In addition, the Rational Team Concert Build Toolkit can be used from Build Forge steps to publish more detailed information about your build’s progress or result data. Documentation for the toolkit can be found here:

The build definition creation wizard has been augmented to include a template for defining a Rational Build Forge build:

The build definition editor has been augmented to include a new property sheet for configuring the Rational Build Forge connection information and project:

The build results now include a link to the Build Forge job results:

See the IBM Rational Build Forge 7.1 Installation Guide for further details on installing and configuring the integration.

To learn more, visit the IBM Rational Build Forge page on