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JazzHub is now IBM DevOps Services!

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JazzHub has a new name!The JazzHub of today began its life as an experimental development collaboration hub for academia and researchers, based on IBM’s Jazz technology. We learned a lot from that experience and since then we have re-implemented JazzHub in the cloud and opened it up to everyone. We integrated the Eclipse Orion Web […]

OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability Update

The Heartbleed bug is a worldwide security vulnerability affecting services with SSL/TLS encryption using the OpenSSL library. We have reviewed all the systems hosting and JazzHub and would like to update you on the following actions that have been taken: All affected and JazzHub systems have been patched. All affected IBM-owned SSL Certificates […]

JazzHub Goes Clubbing

Last week, members of the JazzHub team spent a lot of time together at the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas.  While there are rumors that the team got together for some late night debauchery, I won’t get into that here… The real reason why the team visited Las Vegas was for the dev@Pulse conference, which […]

A Virtual Tour of JazzHub in February: Facelift, Features, and Fabulousness!

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The JazzHub team has been furiously working the past several months to give JazzHub a facelift (check out our new home page!), deliver exciting new features (you can now dabble in the world of DevOps!), and add extra fabulousness (yes, we consider “fabulousness” to be a word!) to the site. If you’re not familiar with […]

Our team gets together for lunch… online

It’s not uncommon for teams at IBM to be distributed across countries and timezones. I joined my current team last January, and we have team members in the United States, Canada, and even Switzerland. I work from home, met my team lead in person for the first time in November, and have not yet met […]

Learning Circles – Our approach to learning now includes YOU

Earlier this year, we did something that shocked a few people. We moved our internal technical learning spaces outside our firewall and opened them up to everyone. In essence, we’re expanding our definition of enterprise learning to include our clients or anyone else who needs to gain basic competencies and connect with others … and this is free and scalable. We call these spaces learning circles.

JazzHub visits North Carolina State University

When I was asked if I wanted to help out at a hackathon at North Carolina State University (NCSU), I enthusiastically said, “Yes!”  As a former Wolfpacker myself, I didn’t need to know any of the details of what technology we’d be using or how the event would be run; I was simply thrilled to […]

10 reasons to explore CLM 4.0.4

This week we released CLM 4.0.4, the next version of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), and the latest quarterly release using our new continuous delivery model. Here we grow again As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re getting more familiar with the quarterly release cadence. Our continuous delivery pipeline was up and running consistently […]

The top 8 questions from Agile 2013

I had the opportunity to travel to Agile 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee at the beginning of August to represent Jazz at the IBM booth.  I had a lot of fun chatting with other Agilistas and learning how they’re using Jazz applications to successfully run their projects. This was my first time representing Jazz at a […]

JazzHub goes on a roadtrip to Carleton University

Last week Adam Mooz, Rob Retchless and I visited Carleton University in Ottawa to talk about Rational Team Concert (RTC) and JazzHub. We managed to lure a good 35 students to join us with two of their favourite things: free t-shirts and pizza. However, if they came for the pizza, that certainly isn’t why they […]

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