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JazzHub is now IBM DevOps Services!

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JazzHub has a new name!The JazzHub of today began its life as an experimental development collaboration hub for academia and researchers, based on IBM’s Jazz technology. We learned a lot from that experience and since then we have re-implemented JazzHub in the cloud and opened it up to everyone.

We integrated the Eclipse Orion Web IDE, introduced the ability to deploy applications directly to IBM’s BlueMix Cloud Platform, and we plan to expand that capability to include continuous integration, unit test, and deployment based on Jenkins and UrbanCode. With these new capabilities and more to come, JazzHub builds on the core Jazz services to provide a pretty nice environment for cloud application development. To reflect the expanded role of JazzHub in the IBM family, we are renaming it “IBM DevOps Services”, or “IDS” for short. JazzHub will continue to refer to the underlying technology stack, as in “Powered by JazzHub”.

We’ve come a long way since the early JazzHub experiment, and we know we couldn’t have done it without the great support and feedback from our users… so from all of us on the JazzHub team… a big “thank you!” to all the professors, students, partners, customers, and developers out there that have created or joined projects at IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub)!

Dave Thomson,
Director and DE, IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub), and Eclipse