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We are undertaking an initiative to redesign, reorganize and restructure the site to make it more comprehensible and up-to-date.

With this effort, our intention is to improve your experience and to make more use of standard IBM channels for information exchange. Changes will come in stages, and we will provide updates here. During this first phase, we are doing the following:

  1. We updated the emails we send you and started updating web page designs to align with Carbon, IBM’s design system for digital experiences. Carbon brings enhanced readability, improved accessibility, and next level responsiveness.
  2. We reviewed and updated several areas in the Deployment Wiki with emphasis on (a) planning and design, and (b) performance measurement and monitoring.
  3. A new access control policy has been established effective 29 March 2024: project areas will no longer be publicly accessible. This impacts dashboards, plans, queries, and work items (including defects, requests for enhancements, etc.).

To minimize disruptions to our users, we would like to make sure you are aware of the various options to learn more and provide feedback about the Engineering products:

  • Milestone and release downloads, the forum, the Deployment Wiki, and the library continue to be accessible as before.
  • Submit ideas and enhancement requests via the IBM Ideas Portal (read this blog post for more details).
  • The iFix schedule will now be available in the documentation for each release at “Engineering Lifecycle Management / <release> / Installing / Interim Fixes and test fixes / Interim fix schedule” (see example).
  • Known and resolved issues at the time of release are now part of the respective product documentation pages (see example). References in the Jazz community site pointing to the development environment may no longer work.
  • Engage with IBM Support for issues and defects via this page.
  • For any other issues encountered not covered here, contact IBM Software Support.
  • You can continue to communicate with us via existing mailing lists

The next phases to our initiative will bring additional enhancements to that will streamline layouts, ensure materials are more current and relevant, and provide greater consistency with our newly updated Engineering product pages on

Thank you for being a valued member of the Jazz community for IBM Engineering products and please feel free to contact us at the emails below with thoughts or suggestions.

Kim Rauenzahn
Product Manager, IBM Engineering

Michael Rowe
STSM, Technical Strategist, IBM Engineering