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Import new & improved CE reports for your scaled agile environment!

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Reporting is critical in helping organizations lead lean enterprise transformations, and we’re listening and responding… In the latest drop of the Enterprise Scaled Agile reports for your IBM Continuous Engineering (CE) and IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) environments, we’ve included some of the most important industry-standard reports — like Cumulative Flow, Burn-Up and Burn-Down Charts — as well as some of the more basic reports for compliance and audit requirements and continuous improvement.

Best of all, you don’t have to be truly agile yet to take advantage of these! Here is a quick peek at what’s new in CE/CLM 6.0.6…

Enterprise Scaled Agile Reports

Not using the SAFe® templates in IBM Rational Team Concert? No problem. The reports in this archive file are for you! While there are some very minor assumptions in some of these reports – you might need to be using Story Points or the Scrum template, for example – for the most part there are no limitations on your process to take advantage of these reports.

Here is what we’ve added since delivering the archive file back in February 2018:

  • Approval Audit Trail
  • Days in State (by Month)
  • Defect Days in Current State
  • Estimated vs Actual Hours
  • Program Average Velocity
  • Program Burn-Down Chart (by Story Points)
  • Program Burn-Up Chart (by Story Points)
  • Solution Epic Average Velocity
  • Story Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Team Average Velocity
  • Team Burn-Down Chart (by Story Points)
  • Work Item Cycle Time (by PI)

SAFe 4.5 Reports

For those of you that do use the SAFe templates, these additional reports will be helpful. You can — and should — also import the Enterprise Scaled Agile reports above to get everything we have. In addition to what was delivered in February 2018, this archive now contains:

  • Capability Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Feature Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Feature Progress by Team – Specific PI [Advanced SQL]
  • Portfolio Epic Burn-Up Chart (FULL SAFe)
  • Portfolio Epic Burn-Up Chart (PORTFOLIO SAFe)
  • Solution Epic Burn-Up Chart

What’s new preview

As a teaser, here are some of the new reports published.


Examples of Program-level Burn-Up and Burn-Down charts are shown below.

Program Burn-Up Chart

Program Burn-Up Chart


Program Burn-Down Chart

Program Burn-Down Chart

Approval Audit Trail

A key differentiator for the CE solution in the Scaled Agile space is the fact that we provide audit readiness. This report is an example of how to track an aspect of the audit trail related to change approvals.

View the audit trail for change approvals

View the audit trail for change approvals

Where should I go for more info?

Glad you asked… First, we’ve published guidance to help you choose which archive files to import and how to import them successfully. This guidance also explains in detail what the reports are for and how to use the filters. This document is called Enterprise Scaled Agile Reporting Guidelines, and it can be found here.

Second, we’ve published additional information that is new to categorize the reports by Functional Group, Organizational Level and Complexity. This document is called Enterprise Scaled Agile Reports Details, and it can be found here.

Once you’ve imported the reports that you want into your local environment, you can add them as widgets on dashboards, setting the filters so that the results show the scope of information you want. But that’s not all! You can also copy these reports and edit them. This helps you not only create customized versions of them but also teaches you how to write your own reports. Nothing better than learning by looking at examples.

I hope your enticed enough to go check them out! I do love feedback and questions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Visit our our SAFe landing page for more information on SAFe.

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