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Update on Rhapsody Design Manager and Rhapsody Model Manager

As introduced in MBSE across the lifecycle: Introducing Rhapsody Model Manager, Rhapsody Model Manager (RMM) is becoming the standard IBM solution for model management for the enterprise on the web, with traceability and enterprise-class configuration management based on Rational Team Concert (RTC).

We are busy working on the second release of Rhapsody Model Manager. The plan includes linking model elements with test cases and work items, printing documents with requirements and models from Rational DOORS Next Generation and Rational Publishing Engine, and improvements to the direct integration with RTC. It also includes the ability to migrate from Rhapsody Design Manager (RDM) to RMM.

With this future direction in mind we decided to remove “Rhapsody Designer Manager” from the IBM Request for Enhancement (RFE) Community product list. You cannot submit RFEs against Rhapsody Designer Manager any longer. If the RFE mentions Rational Design Manager, it will  be classified under Rhapsody Model Manager where it will be considered by the Rhapsody Model Manager product team.

Rhapsody Design Manager remains a part of the IBM IoT continuous engineering solution. In fact, in December 2017, we released RMM V6.0.5 as a component of RDM V6.0.5 so that organizations with RDM licenses could get started without needing to purchase something new.

We recommend Rhapsody Model Manager for new deployments. Teams using Rhapsody Design Manager should anticipate moving to RMM at some point in the future. Whether you are using RDM or considering new deployment, a member of the product team would be happy to discuss your options. You can contact your IBM representative, business partner, or me directly.

Graham Bleakley, Ph.D.
MBSE Offering Manager