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Rational Build Forge Fix-pack


We are pleased to announce that the Rational Build Forge fix pack is now available for download.

This release contains quality improvements in terms of fixes for customer submitted defects, documentation, and installation.  The release also includes platform support for Windows Server 2016 Enterprise (console), Windows 10 Enterprise (agent) and DB2 Server Enterprise 11.1.

The primary focus area for the Build Forge development team in 2017 has been Client Care, which involves resolving customer issues and addressing key customer Request for Enhancements (RFE).

The Rational Build Forge development team is now planning for the next release of Rational Build Forge. If you have enhancement requests, raise RFEs on IBM developerWorks forum. If you have an issue, raise a Problem Management Record (PMR) on the IBM Support channel. If you would like to engage with us to discuss strategic direction and needs, contact We would be happy to connect with you to understand your business case and requirements.

We look forward to your continued support and feedback!

Sujan SA
Development Team
Rational Build Forge